Embrace this stunning opportunity to build a new world,
the world you long to live in yourself...

Do you long for healing — of yourself, your community, and your world?

Would you welcome a powerful understanding of this challenging moment in our lives and the opportunities it offers?

We are watching our familiar world self-destruct. We are confused, frightened, and disoriented. We know grief and loss and suffering.


The Book

What in the World is Going On? Wisdom Teachings for Our Time  offers a rich description of how fear has permeated our lives. Fear creates endless suffering in every life, and blocks our awareness of our interdependence with each other. Manjushri, the great Tibetan deity of wisdom, explains how to open ourselves to the compassion at the very heart of the cosmos, healing ourselves and our communities. He encourages us to awaken our heart center and welcome the new consciousness.

Recent Teachings, Talks and Interviews

Through Penny Gill, Manjushri has continued to offer Teachings in support of our own developing wisdom and understanding of what is going on in our world. These will be posted here along with occasional pieces by Penny Gill and others.

You Are Part of the Great Network

  April 7, 2020 Good morning, Manjushri Sir: I come to you in the midst of so many cross cutting pressures and questions and confusions. Kwan Yin suggested I invite you to offer me a Teaching, perhaps about the situation and perhaps about my tasks now, as we head ever more deeply into this pandemic….


Welcome to the brand new Wisdom Teachings!!

I am so happy to welcome you to my new web site.  My hope is to send out into the world the Teachings of Tibetan Master, Manjushri, and the beloved Kwan Yin, as well as a few words of mine from time to time. It seems a perfect moment to offer their sometimes startling re-framings…


Manjushri on the Pandemic

A Teaching from Manjushri  As received by Penny Gill, March 16, 2020 Oh, Manjushri Sir: it has been a long time since I asked for a session with you. Today I come, because our world is in chaos, largely self-generated chaos. Uncertainty and fear are as virulent as this unknown virus, with such consequences for…


A Powerful Poem

From my Car on Broad Street

The child’s mother pulled him
and he trotted to keep up. She looked straight ahead
and probably did not see
the woman in her shroud of filth
tucked beneath some newspapers and a fraying blanket
on the church steps. Did not see her boy
Waving to the lady or the broken
lady lifting her hand to him either.

— Ross Gay


About Manjushri

Considered the great Bodhisattva of Wisdom, Manjushri is a central figure in Tibetan Buddhism. He holds a sword over his head, ready to cut through ignorance and delusion.

He arrived, unbidden, to Penny Gill years ago, and offered to give her an alternative view of the contemporary world and its major problems.


About Penny Gill

Penny Gill, retired Dean of the College and Mary Lyon Professor of Humanities at Mount Holyoke College, taught political science for 45 years. She has long been interested in several spiritual traditions, as well as the work of C.G. Jung. She now lives on Madeline Island, one of the twenty-two Apostle Islands in western Lake Superior, where she continues to receive Teachings from Manjushri and Kwan Yin.