From Darkness to Light: Solstice 2015

By PennyGill / December 23, 2015
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Reading at the Odyssey Bookshop video

By PennyGill / June 14, 2015

I am delighted to write, that a video of my reading at the Odyssey Bookshop in May is now available on the web site; just click on Videos, and you will find it there. I was honored that Joanne Creighton …

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Which Place on Earth Do You Most Love?

By PennyGill / April 12, 2015

I’ve been discussing Naomi Klein’s superb new book, This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate, with my first-year Mt Holyoke College students. ¬†Klein argues that our only hope of really solving the terrifying consequences of climate change is to radically …

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Enter the Silence

By PennyGill / August 18, 2012

Are you weary and a bit frazzled? Too much to do and too little time? Give yourself this sweet gift. Create a space of silence for yourself – even a couple of hours, if not half a day or a …

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The Dalai Lama’s Optimism

By PennyGill / July 7, 2012

Today is the Dalai Lama’s 77th birthday, and in honor of that I will post a wonderful paragraph of his from his recent book, Beyond Religion: Ethics for a Whole World.

“I am often asked whether I am optimistic for …

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What is your image for self-surrender?

By PennyGill / April 26, 2012

This has been a year of profound and sometimes wrenching transition for me, as I leave my long teaching life at Mount Holyoke and move towards something quite unknown. Sometimes I feel wonderful, life giving energy, and sometimes it is …

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The Wisdom of Slowing Down

By PennyGill / April 3, 2012

Many of us, good and serious people that we are, believe we must constantly be engaged “making a difference in the world.”¬† We push ourselves relentlessly to do more, more effectively. After all the stakes are so high, and so …

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We Are Made For These Times!

By PennyGill / February 25, 2012

We are all aware of the swirling confusion in our world, as we face such difficult problems. We long for skillful leadership and clear directions. We know we must look forward, not backward to worn-out solutions and inadequate values. I …

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