Manjushri Teachings

Shower of Spirit: Summer Rain or Fierce Thunderstorm?

By Penny Gill and Manjushri / November 19, 2015

Manjushri speaks of the Shower of Spirit now drenching us, bringing us a new energy, an energy of a higher frequency. It has been difficult for me to really understand what that means, and I have looked for concrete evidence …

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Fear Shapes Our Lives

By Manjushri / July 3, 2015

Nine people gathered in a circle to study their sacred scripture last week were murdered in Charleston, South Carolina. There are many ways to understand this horrifying event, as we’ve seen in commentaries from across the nation and around the …

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Feeling Overwhelmed by Intense Energies? A Simple Practice from Manjushri

By Manjushri / March 2, 2012

Dear Readers: Several months ago I found myself feeling quite overwhelmed by the intensity of energies pounding into my life, and I asked Manjushri for advice on how to handle that skillfully. I am posting his response here, in the …

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