Bloom where you are planted!

Happy Solstice!

4 thoughts on “Bloom!

  1. I love the calming sense implicit in the simplicity of the idea of blooming where I’m planted – no need to uproot and go on a quest for self-development. Just embrace one’s current location. Look inward and then all around “homebase” to find beauty and self-acceptance (the key to blooming I think).

    Thanks for this lovely image.

    1. miss you, dear are you and how is Al? Think of you so often. A tough spring, ok, just so challenging. Book mss is essentially done. Let’s talk soon.

  2. Perfect post for summertime. And a philosophy I try to live by, find joy in each day wherever you may be.

    1. and from the little I know you, you are the perfect example, of blooming where you are planted and watering a lot of other plants as well! Huge thanks for all you do, dear Bonnie…

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