Fear in the Bardo: Manjushri

We are swimming in fear, consciously and unconsciously. Here Manjushri begins a series of Teachings on our situation today, introducing the powerful image of the Bardo – a Tibetan concept of the strange space/time we find ourselves in between incarnations. I hope this is helpful.

Fear In the Bardo: A Teaching by Manjushri

May 9, 2020

And so, you wonder about fear. This is surely a moment for a Teaching about fear. And then you too will teach about fear, both your preaching and your web site. This is very helpful.

Thank you. The energy is very strong this morning. I am shaking.

That is ok. We must do this more often. There is a great deal now to teach you, so you can share the Teachings out in your wide world.

The whole world is in the great Bardo. It is in between incarnations, to use a strange image. The old world, shaped by the industrial revolution centuries ago, has been so undermined it is essentially now shredded at your feet. No one knows yet, not even us, which new life form the earth dwellers will choose. As the chaos and disequilibrium intensify, the pressure increases. And this releases all the deep, unfinished “business” of human societies and every human being. It is profoundly challenging, to say the very least.

It is also tremendously potent and encouraging. This is not clear to you people yet. So, the Teaching has two main points, which you must explain, over and over: This is massive social, economic, and cultural destruction, on one hand, and the great opportunity human beings have ever had, to draw upon their emerging consciousness to begin to create an appropriate human civilization. By appropriate, we mean, one that would nourish and enhance this emerging consciousness.

These are some topics we must discuss these next months:

The collapse of the present civilization

The situation in the Bardo, where you are now

Fear pervades all

The available choices

The complex disagreements and the various participants

What is at stake

What is possible

This is enormous, Honored Sir.

Yes, indeed. Though you could speak of each of those right now, we would rather deepen your understanding, so it can be received by many more listeners. But it must not result in a long text. That would not work well in these times.

It is correct to start with fear, for that is the overwhelming reality for most people right now, whether they acknowledge it or not. So, please continue to speak about fear. Watch it in your own awareness and in the lives of those around you. Study it, please. Begin there: fear as it lives within you all at this moment.

Then, speak of the two kinds of fear: the fear that supports survival, and the fear that results from untethered imagination.

Then teach how little self tries to protect itself from imagined fear, with anger, impulsiveness, depression, powerlessness, and the rest.

And then explain the inner “move” of wrapping the fear in kindness and compassion, the healing power of Spirit, and the power of surrender.

You are deeply familiar with all this. No need to write it out. Speak it from the heart-ache in your own spirit, and allow it to flow. There will be many more opportunities for you to bring this hard-won understanding out into your world.

These Teachings are meant to go on your new blog. This will be the centerpiece of your work for the next several months. Please continue to keep yourself protected and enclosed. You are not vulnerable, not at all, but the container must be held.

Yes. Gladly. Deep thanks.


10 thoughts on “Fear in the Bardo: Manjushri

  1. Dear Penny..after sending you my comment on the channeling I walked into a local bookstore here in Waitsfield Vermont. . On the shelf was a precious book by Thich Nhat Hanh entitled “FEAR”.I bought it and have been reading it.

    It is a precious book and will help all of us who want to move forward on the question of how to work with our fears.. Very helpful and grounded.

  2. Yes, I agree that fear is the place to start. I think that fear is at the root of our hurting each other- especially fear based on the idea that there is not enough, so I must gather all I can get for myself and my clan, and assume that all “others” are out to get what I have. I think this is also connected to our internal fears of being “not enough”. I suspect the path to healing this is to learn to love our true self, and to learn to love others as ourself.

  3. Dear Penny, I am so glad to be receiving these communications to you from your teacher Majushri. It would be wonderful and also, I am sure, terrible that this is a time of bado from which will emerge a new civilization. We badly new that.

  4. ♥️ Thanks Penny. I find solace in the truth and balance in this post and in sharing life with you.

  5. This understanding about the state of the world from an off-world perspective is so welcome now, simply and clearly stated and encouraging too.

    The longer writings on Fear under the ‘essay’ link on your site have been so very helpful to go over and over, and are even more applicable today than when the teachings first came to you.

    Thank you kindly, Penny, for this posting and especially for your ongoing dedication to this most valuable work!

    Blessings in abundance to you,
    Joanne~ Ontario, Canada

  6. Thank you, Penny and Manjushri, for bringing forth these essential teachings for our time. I am so delighted that this new website is now live and that we can all partake of these precious gems of wisdom.

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