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Greetings, dear friends around the world! We are a global network, enriched by our shared concerns about our world.  My book What in The World Is Going On? is dedicated to “all those who hold the world in their heart.” That is who we are, and my heart is full of joy to be in touch with each of you.

Though this Teaching is from May, it seems especially relevant now, as we struggle to face a new school year, a paralyzed economy, terrifying political developments, and the “long weariness.”

Manjushri Instructions

May 15, 2020

OK, Miss Penny la, you are so disturbed, so off balance. The energies are upending you, seriously. It is not that your days are mis-arranged, not at all. Let us help you focus, so you can receive what is happening around you and transmute those energies into something you can use skillfully.

You sense a great shift all around you. It has been slowly moving into your awareness for several days. Now, it is quite intense. This is not an error on your part. And you are not the only person vibrating from the shift.

It is marked by the sudden emergence of many from their self-organized quarantine. They bring with them vast reservoirs of restlessness, boredom, irritability, low-level anger and frustration, plus, a general mental laziness. It is that last quality that has stopped them from understanding what is at stake here, a laziness and lack of curiosity fueled by great and childish self centeredness. The laziness of a consumer culture which offers the marketplace as the best medicine for all emotional distress.

Now that energy is being released all over the state, and indeed, in most parts of the country.

This requires that those of you who are holding the center must adjust, and you must do that intentionally, with great care. You and your companions have not been aware you have been holding the center, and that is why this has caught you so unprepared. We would like to suggest how you might handle it more skillfully. It is not complicated.

First of all, recognize, that there are many of you, each in your own way, holding the center, holding the circle, however you wish to name it, so that those around you can also find balance and some confidence. Some ease. Second, take some time today and every morning and evening, to consciously agree to deepen the center, expand the circle, and try to welcome even those who are disturbed and erratic at the moment. As you all do this, your circles will intersect, and slowly a new equilibrium – well, perhaps that is too optimistic – but a new calm will emerge.

Third, consciously hold surrender and balance and kindness in your heart and mind, and breathe them out as often as you remember. Give thanks for all who participate in this, in the thousand forms and the thousand homelands.

And fourth, recognize this is a quantum leap, well, maybe, a quantum small step, into the new consciousness that is emerging. Birthing is not a pretty process, and certainly not this one. It proceeds in fits and starts, powerful contractions and then a moment of slide. This is where you all are. Ignore all the voices that would deny or abort the birth. They screech out of fear, terrible fear. Let the wind sweep away their bellowing. It speaks of them, not of the situation.

Hmm. You remind me of a beloved swimming teacher I had at summer camp, when I was ten. She was a Dutch immigrant, and I can hear her hollering over our excited girl voices: “Hold the fort! Hold the fort!” She meant for us to quiet down and pay attention to her instructions. I loved how it sounded in her slightly accented English. And we did as she asked.

Yes. Perfect. To hold the fort is to hold the circle, to enclose all in kindness and attentiveness. To listen.

Last – please do not criticize yourself for feeling upended and unfocused. Use this short Teaching to center yourself and focus. And grow your circle of care, and tend to its center, please. All is well.


22 thoughts on “Instructions from Manjushri

  1. ”All is well.” Those are key words from Manjushri and from all of the Invisibles who are assisting us through these birthing contractions. Einstein has said that it is the regenerative force of Compassion that connects us all at the Source, and as we awaken to that more and more, we can truly see that All is well!
    Blessings to you, Penny and Mjr, for your clear, humourous, valuable guidance. 🙂

    1. ah, yes, and thank you. I so love it, when the various Teachers send out parallel observations. And “all is well” is really rooted in the profound revelations of Julian of Norwich – 14th century visionary and anchoress, in England. All is well, indeed, and all manner of things shall be well…

  2. Thank you for these teachings, Penny. Sometimes I remember that my center is pulled deeply towards the center of mother earth through gravity. I can feel it most at the bottom of the exhale. There, ALL of our centers meet! Love, Nini

  3. dear penny,

    this teaching arrived right on time. i have been circumambulating my home while reciting mantra every day since the pandemic arrived. with the addition of manjushri’s instruction, it feels much more purposeful. i say, “with each step, the center deepens and the circle widens.” with palms together…

  4. Beautiful and timely Wisdom as always, dear Penny. Thank you! (And I laughed at the “quantum leap, er maybe “quantum small step”) 🙏🏼

  5. During this shift, I have continued being around people as the work I do was deemed essential. I give thanks for that. What resonates with me is holding the center along with adjusting. It is definitive that our world is changing. I can stay centered & kind & evolve or I can be afraid & resist. Either way, the force is greater than me and to move with it means I can experience heaven & be a part of the collective. Be blessed beautiful ones!

  6. Thank you Penny.

    Hope, applied in the form of loving deeds and acts of kindness, shines most brightly in days of darkness and fear, connecting us and leading us forward.

  7. Thank you so much Penny la such a wonderful teaching of Manjushree for those who believe in sharing love, compassion and holding each other with deep affection. It’s great a teaching during such difficult and challenging time.
    As your teaching is benefiting all of us and it’ll also benefit every readers.
    Please keep continue your wonderful teaching.

  8. Oh tears of joy n surrender as we all hold down the fort… you all give me strength n resilience to be calm n centred in the eye of the storm around which (witch) dances chaos. We need each other now more than ever when so much diviseness is in the air. Power in Unity. Let the wind blow away what no longer serves. Stand in our Truth. Stand together. Stand for the children and those that have no voice. Communicate from the Heart in a good way. My patron Saint..”Ina Goodwe” she is allways with us. You will notice when she is mentioned. Chi Miigwetch Penny for creating the space for us to share and connect. I am so gratefull for all of our Wisdom Ways. Much Love and many blessings to you All from the Heart n Soul of this Sacred Island. May you feel embraced in the evergiving arms of Mother Nature. Peace n Joy be with you.

  9. Thank you, Penny! Thank you, Manjushri! Am feeling so welcoming of and grateful for this nourishment and this holding as we hold center and circle.

  10. Lovely.
    Last night in a dream I watched a baby being born. He simply slipped out, feet first, and his mother laid him on her arm with his head in her palm. He was completely peaceful, didn’t cry, just looked around and then into his mother’s eyes and smiled.

  11. Thank you Penny for your wisdom teachings just when i need them. You are a blessing. Your neighbor down the road who is sequestered in Arizona.

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