Manjushri on the Pandemic

A Teaching from Manjushri

 As received by Penny Gill, March 16, 2020

Oh, Manjushri Sir: it has been a long time since I asked for a session with you. Today I come, because our world is in chaos, largely self-generated chaos. Uncertainty and fear are as virulent as this unknown virus, with such consequences for our basic social organization and economic activity. Many of my friends and friends of our book, What in the World Is Going On? have asked what you say about all of this. And so I ask for your Teaching.

I come full of fear myself, for myself and for all beings. I am afraid for what you will ask of me, and afraid for what will happen to so many. It does not feel like a time of testing to me, but rather as a string of consequences from much stubborn and foolish human behavior. The test is long over. I must ask, for to understand is still better than not to understand.


Yes. Yes, indeed. I have not been absent, and we have not been separated. But yes, it is a long time since last we met in this way. Your fear is understandable. It is not about Me nor about the Teaching. It is a response to the enormity of the issues and your sense of your own powerlessness. We will address both here, but briefly, as you are not accustomed to this energy.


It is indeed about energy. There are ferocious winds of energy roaring into earth, unchanneled and unrecognized. This is no Shower of Spirit. This is a cataclysm of new energy, high frequency energy, demanding awakeness, demanding responsiveness, and demanding non-ego responses. It is vast and potent, and it will separate those able to stand in its midst and those who flee or blame or deny. You are witness to this. You show us, it is terrible to watch.

It is as if this energy causes a fever everywhere. That is a metaphor, but there is also bodily truth in it. And earth is sinking into a great healing crisis, a long-overdue or long prepared purge of much that is wasteful, inadequate, too partial, too ignorant, too self-absorbed.

This sounds apocalyptic.

Yes, perhaps, to you. But it is not. It is more like a long-awaited spring cleaning of your societies and their infatuation with greed and power.

The remedies are simple and well within reach of virtually everyone. Back down. Settle down. Tend to those closest to you. Care for the sick and the elderly. Move with generosity and tenderness. Watch out for your community and for fellow workers and children. Inhabit the truth of connection and interdependence and kindness. Calm your fears first and then the fears of those near you. And then further out into wider circles. When the fears are calmed, it becomes clear, there is enough for everyone.

Then the long, steady work begins, of recreating institutions which are no longer founded on fear.

As you see, it is very simple.

Every aspect of human life is threatened now: health of mind and body, family and society, economic activity, political activity, and spiritual practices. Food, water, science, housing, trade, art, and so much more can be invested with this profound, new purpose. Every single person alive can contribute to this re-imagining and re-making of human life.

You must build a world in which every person can flourish, and in which every sentient being finds her place.

How to proceed? There is no need for bosses or directors. Simply invite people to explore their own fears, now, and begin that gentle, clear-sighted fear work. Ask people how they might imagine lessening their fears and the fears of those close to them, and then, for those beyond that small circle. Fear arises from delusions of scarcity. Once those are dissolved, strong creative energies can emerge. The rest will then move of its own accord.

Another way to say all this: Healing the human heart is the beginning. The rest follows naturally, as in, the nature of life itself, which is to ground itself and provide for its continuation. A market can be a tool, for limited purposes. But markets cannot be allowed to be the only tool. That was the turning point centuries ago that gave rise to this explosive catastrophe of greed and selfishness. This is not an ethical judgment. Greed and selfishness are not in accord with reality! They are foolish and ignorant. That is the point. Not that they are unethical. That is a useless argument to make.

And your task, which you share with countless companions on the way, at this great and auspicious moment? To speak the questions, point to the fears, offer skillful ways of healing the deep sicknesses of human life now, and encourage the creation of new forms of human connection and earthly balance. Wonderful, wonderful work. Don’t you agree? And of course, you are supported by all the beings in the other realms, those not in body as you all are.

We heard one of you say once: Never waste a good crisis! Indeed. The breakdown of the old patterns is a beautiful opportunity, rich with possibility. Don’t turn away. Don’t turn away.

Last note: much is already underway. Much. Everywhere in the world. Look for it, please, and make note. This is our view. We gladly share it with you. And bless you all.

Deep thanks. Oh, my. I bow in gratitude. So much to learn here, in this ultimate re-framing.


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(You can read more of Manjushri’s Teachings in What in the World Is Going On? Wisdom Teachings for Our Time, available at Amazon.)

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