Shower of Spirit: Summer Rain or Fierce Thunderstorm?

Manjushri speaks of the Shower of Spirit now drenching us, bringing us a new energy, an energy of a higher frequency. It has been difficult for me to really understand what that means, and I have looked for concrete evidence and images. Last summer, for example, there was a period of more frequent and intense solar flares, and I wondered if that was somehow related to this Shower.

Probably not. But it is a good example of how I automatically try to ground a Teaching about Spirit in my three-dimensional, visible world. But Shower of Spirit surely refers to a different aspect of energy, not material, not visible to the human eye, and maybe quite unrecognizable to a normal person like myself.

I’ve been pondering this all summer and fall, at my island cabin. I think I did learn one very helpful aspect of this Shower of Spirit: I used to envision it as something comforting and welcome, like a soft rain in early summer. But not so.

For me, the Shower of Spirit has come to mean a time of intense inner and outer transition, painful losses, and some inescapable interior pressure to speak ever more truthfully from my deepest self. No more self-censorship or circumlocutions. I realized that the Shower of Spirit is actually a goad, a relentless wake-up call, and an invitation to much more transparency and deeper integrity.

There is nothing easy about this process, but perhaps it is a necessary step to recognize my embeddedness in the great web of interdependence and compassion. No soft summer shower, but thunder and lightening, as well!

One thought on “Shower of Spirit: Summer Rain or Fierce Thunderstorm?

  1. For me the Shower of Spirit means the time has come. As I have gone about my life over the years, I have been both engaged on one level with what I was doing but, on another level of being, I was waiting. Whatever I was doing was never fulfilling or truly fulfilled. What was missing was essential purpose – what was I really here for?

    Now, getting toward the end of my days on this earth, the Shower of Spirit comes to me as vision, purpose and hope – a clarity that I have been without all these years, living in a deeply discouraging world seemingly bent on achieving its own destruction in one way or another, or in many ways at once.

    We have been going in circles,as I have been, going round and round and never breaking through or out into another vector or way of being. Why this frustration? Why the block? I have not known, but have been waiting.

    This new burst of higher energy, this Shower of Spirit, is showing me something new is happening, something very different. I feel it inside more than I see it outside, but I know it will become more evident each day, and more effective over time.

    I sense new possibilities around me. A few enlivening conversations are happening. I am being both moved and supported to work very hard at necessary tasks, now seeing them as more united with each other and more purposeful together. My discouragement is subsiding. It’s there still, but no longer the point of focus.

    I am in a new context of being in myself, as myself. My vision is more inclusive and vast, though little things and barbs still catch me and hold on. But the new energy is weaving even those into a new wholeness, a oneness that I have always felt but never realized. It’s not entirely here now, but its presence is known and deeply felt with a new degree of assurance. This is not the end at our collective doorstep, but truly a new way of being in my life, in the world,and on this planet.

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