You Are Part of the Great Network


April 7, 2020

Good morning, Manjushri Sir: I come to you in the midst of so many cross cutting pressures and questions and confusions. Kwan Yin suggested I invite you to offer me a Teaching, perhaps about the situation and perhaps about my tasks now, as we head ever more deeply into this pandemic. Your last Teaching has been so gratefully received by friends. We all thank you.

This is such a difficult moment. We are frightened, of course, and many are in pain and some are dying. Many have no access to medical care. But you know the situation, I am sure. We need to understand the meaning of it all, or what it might offer human society. We need advice on how to be of help, and how to encourage each other.

Yes, yes, of course you need more guidance. It is a good moment for that. First of all, please encourage people to read again What in the World Is Going On?. Much of what they need to know is there. Those Teachings were to prepare you for this moment, for this very powerful destruction of much that is harmful in your culture and even in your civilization. Perhaps destruction is too strong a word. It is indeed a profound clearing; erroneous assumptions about communal life are vanishing, and absurd practices and institutions are collapsing. We welcome this, you must understand. It creates staggeringly new opportunities for creative work, on every level.

Yes, many are sick and dying. The virus sweeps through and takes whom it will. Many of those stricken knew there would be a great crisis, when they agreed to take birth again. Of course, that kind of information does not remain accessible, once one is in body. Others will be able to begin a new life having newly understood some extremely significant aspects of reality. They will be able to live much richer and more generous lives.

But this does not include everyone. There will be profound suffering for those left bereft of beloved people, of caregivers, of supportive institutions, and more. This will continue to distress survivors, and that too can be very helpful. There will be an enormous amount of work to do, as the pandemic subsides, inviting those with renewed insights into what must be the foundational principles of your shared lives to create anew what has been so damaged.

All this you know. To prepare or support people to begin this profound work will take very many teachers and guides And they are legion, emerging out of their ordinary, hidden lives to take up this great responsibility. It is truly an extraordinary opportunity to be of great blessing to all in your community. And no one, absolutely no one, does this alone.

For all of you are also in a great network of teachers and guides who will teach and support you in this great work. As you each find your connection to that network of Spirit and energy and vision, you will instantly also be connected to all your companions in this transformative venture. Think of it as a rapidly expanding Zoom meeting! We are the hosts, welcoming you each as you appear on our screens, inviting you to recognize all the others showing up on your screen. The conversation is underway, and you are invited to join it. Creative energies will fly about, with suggestions, solutions, imaginations, understandings, joy, and relief that finally there is room and space and possibility.

It is a network in the realms of consciousness, of subtle bodies, of souls touching souls, and minds communicating with minds. There is nothing weird about this, except to those blinded by materialism. This is how the universe works; energies move along pathways to connect with other energies. From the “Big Bang,” as you call it, to a molecule moving through a cell wall to initiate an immune response, it is all the same. Why would the invisible universe be any different?

And how shall you all connect with the great web? You know the answer. Do the fear work, for fear is the major obstacle to moving outside the constrictive boundaries of ego. That is primary. Then, practice noticing the small openings, or what seem at first look to be small: the gesture of kindness, the slip in a sentence, the tremble in the shoulders, or the tear sliding unobtrusively down a cheek. Those are invitations to wise tenderness. There begins the walk towards the great web.

All this can happen, but it will not be done for you. This is no great flood and you are not provided with an ark. This is your work, the work of the human community on behalf of itself, for itself and its coming generations. This is humanity coming into its full adulthood. It is a very great moment. If we, not in body, lived in time and space, we would say, it is very long overdue! But the truth is, the timing is perfect. The situation is perfectly ripe.

It is not akin to the agricultural revolution or the industrial revolution. It is the revolution of consciousness, and so, virtually everyone must participate in bringing it forth. It will take more than one generation, for sure. But all of you alive now are founders, instigators, visionaries, and designers. How blessed you are, to be alive now. Dream your most extravagant dreams and share them. It is time. It is time.

Oh, my, this Teaching comes with a huge train of energy! I’m shivering now.

Good. Pass it on, please.

Indeed, I will. Profound gratitude.




3 thoughts on “You Are Part of the Great Network

  1. I and others here in our Unity community have been exposed to your message from several different teachers. It is comforting to have the truth embedded in my knowledge as I am able able to table the fear that is all around. I know we do not know the whole picture yet.
    And, this sweet knowledge helps so much during the hateful, fear pushing political
    times right now. I’m thinking it’s part of the old adage, We have to know the bad to appreciate the Good.
    Your words give me hope that when the times comes that I am to be the helping teacher that I will automatically step in fulfill my part(s) in the changing world.
    Gratitude, Peggy Duncan

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