A New Year Greeting

My wish for you as we begin our journey into the new year. 

The Shimmering Hours by Jan Richardson

There is so much

I want to say,

as if the saying

could prepare you

for this path,

as if there were anything

I could offer

that would make your way

less circuitous,

more smooth.


Once you step out

you will see for yourself

how nothing could have

made you ready for this road

that will take you

from what you know now

to what you cannot perceive

except, perhaps,

in your dreaming

or as it gives a glimpse

in prayer.


But I can tell you

this journey is not

about miles.

It is not about how far

you can walk

or how fast.


It is about what you will do

with this moment, this star

that blazes in your sky

though no one else

might see.


So open your heart

to these shimmering hours

by which your path

is made.


Open your eyes

to the light that shines

on what you will need

to see.


Open your hands

to those who go with you,

those seen

and those known only

by their blessing, their benediction

of the road that is

your own.

6 thoughts on “A New Year Greeting

  1. Powerful and beautiful. This is a message I would like to share with my children. The journey of life is filled with so many unexpected twists and turns. As the poem so eloquently states, being open to the beauty of each shimmering moment can be our own benediction.

  2. Thank you Penny. Jan Richardson says things well, as you also do. Thank you also for your uplifting thoughts in the past year.

  3. Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem and its profound wisdom, dear Penny! Blessed to have your shining star as a guide on my journey. Sending you lots of love.

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