From Darkness to Light: Solstice 2015

I love this moment of the year, when it seems the whole world pauses and holds its breath, as our planet slowly turns toward the sun; each day, we are blessed with a few more minutes of light. It has been a long, hard season of grief and losses, both personally and globally. Our weather seems more and more erratic, as do our political leaders. Still, in concert with Manjushri, I see small and large lights going on all around me, and there are flickers of gladness and even enthusiasm in my heart. There is surely more good work to do.

This morning, I thought, I need to make more room for this new light. Though usually this would mean to add more quiet time in the morning or to try to dissolve more obstacles from my own heart – surely both good practices – I decided I will also give this some visible reality. Skimming through and tossing piles of papers, packing books to give away, and sorting through my closet will be January tasks, all in the service of allowing more light to spin through my life!

Whatever your practice for this new season of light, I wish you good health, peaceful days shared with loved ones, and all the blessings of being alive in this most extraordinary moment on the earth! With gratitude and affection to each of you, Penny

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