On Healing: Each Path Has Its Own Gethsemane

The path of deep healing, of becoming whole, can be arduous. It asks everything of us, including profound surrender to what actually is present in our life. I have learned so much about surrender this long time of Covid, both for myself and for our world. This is a sermon I gave April 25, 2021. The link to the video is here,  And the text follows below.

Sermon On Healing Ap 25, 2021.

3 thoughts on “On Healing: Each Path Has Its Own Gethsemane

  1. “Something true we believed about ourselves. No longer to be trusted. Indeed, broken.” In both macro- and microcosm this feels true for me.

    Strength to be with that brokenness, then: the failures that I must swallow: of friendship, of family, of vocation. “No part…pushed aside or denied.” I don’t understand this mystical alignment, but I wish I could. The vine & branch. How can owning my failure (or grief, if that is its more true name) become an experience of wholeness?

    1. oh dear Jen…yes, profoundly sad and painful, for sure, and perplexing..to carry such a gift and struggle so send it out into the world. Sending you my heart’s love, as I know you know…maybe a phone meeting would be good? Just let me know, but via email…I so rarely look in here. As evidence: just found 47 essentially pornographic messages here. Sigh…

  2. Thank you for posting this, Penny. I too have been thinking a great deal about the meaning of surrender during these last months. Such an interesting transition time for all of us now with the glory of spring all about us and the residue of personal and global sadness (for lack of a better word) within. Indeed may we align with the power that supports us as newness emerges.

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