Reframing: We Begin the Long Haul

I have often been startled at how a radical reframing of a very stuck or painful place can release so much energy and focus and even confidence. Surely that is what we need now, in order to leave behind these swamps of overwhelming discouragement, astonishment at what we have learned about our country, and the profound confusion of what, if anything, we should be thinking and doing now. So, let’s try.

First, remember that most of the predictions are rooted in deep fear, imagined by a small part of ourselves that is completely uninformed about the future. Admit that you just don’t know what will happen! When you see yourself drowning in predictions, interrupt those narratives, admitting to yourself they are simply the products of your imagination.

When you can do that – not only will you find some relief and probably sleep better and be kinder to those around you – you will also be able to shift to a stance of curiosity: These will surely be interesting times! For example, I was sure all summer I was watching the collapse of the Republican Party. Now I see, I am watching the collapse of TWO parties! Amazing. And that the possibilities for reconstruction and healing are legion.

Third: Find some way to support and protect the weak, the vulnerable, the marginal, all those most at risk from the horrendous language of the campaign. Do something concrete and local.

And last: We have learned an enormous amount about the deep fissures and toxicity in the depths of American culture, none of it new, really: it is an inheritance from decades and centuries of denial and self congratulation by powerful Americans. It is all visible now, so we can get to work. Come out of your safe hiding place now and join hands with others, to begin building the society we want to live in and the communities we want to leave to the next generations.

Please post your good ideas, your questions, your suggestions, and your hopes here, if you wish. I’d be so glad for more conversations, for we are many!

One thought on “Reframing: We Begin the Long Haul

  1. 12-14-16
    In our recent Self Ordination meeting, we have just listened to Penny’s conversation with Manjushri post-election and her own reflections on the situation. We then spent time doing the practice of “reflective writing”. There are four of us: Demaris Wehr,
    Ilona O’Connor, Louise Cochran and Olivia Hoblitzelle. We will all be posting our responses.
    I wonder now, blessed mother Tara, what advice you might have to offer us in this troubled time.
    Good morning Beloved,
    We welcome you, as always, with all our love.
    In the first place I want to remind you and your friends that you ARE love, as are we all; we of the formless realms as well as all the sentient beings of the realm of form. We urge you to remember that we are all made of the same…well not material, but not immaterial either. A simpler way to put it would be to say, everything is love. You have heard this many times and from many different sources, but you have never needed to take it as seriously as at this present moment.
    As Manjushri said, fear is rampant and is erasing possibilities for creative thinking and action. As Jesus said, perfect love casts out fear. So we urge you all to focus on working your way through whatever it is that prevents you from knowing and being Love. Teachings abound. Examples abound. Take whatever is most inspirational to you, digest it and transform yourselves into love. Your world, not only your country, but your world needs you and your friends to be living examples of what is possible for all. Your increased consciousness and compassionate actions are what will make the difference in this very charged moment on your planet.
    Penny has spoken wisely when she suggests that you get involved with a few others and work to change something that is wrong. It needn’t be something public and grandiose. Choose something that needs to be done differently, or help someone who is helpless, or keep doing what you are doing. The what is less important than the doing. This kind of evidence in this time is crucial to providing courage to the fearful, and hope to the hopeless.
    Look within. See your fears. Look deeper. Find Love. Then BE it.

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