Manjushri on the Shower of Spirit

By PennyGill / August 28, 2021
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We all know, we are living in an extraordinary moment of modern history, full of rapid changes and complex challenges to our ways of life. Manjushri lays out a very wide view of what is happening, and how we can …


We Are All Bearers of Spirit and Light

By PennyGill / January 4, 2021
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We welcome the light, as we celebrate an ancient liturgy of epiphany, the appearance of the Sacred within our very lives. Here is the text of my sermon, and here is the video. All blessings and courage and good …


You Are Part of the Great Network

By PennyGill / August 11, 2020
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April 7, 2020

Good morning, Manjushri Sir: I come to you in the midst of so many cross cutting pressures and questions and confusions. Kwan Yin suggested I invite you to offer me a Teaching, perhaps about the situation …