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Into the Wilderness

By PennyGill / March 26, 2022

photo P.GillHow can we remove the obstacles to recognizing who we really are and what our life purpose might be? A gospel story tells how  Jesus went into the wilderness for a long retreat, and there had quite a conversation …

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Witness Within: Why Bother?

By PennyGill / January 13, 2022

Hello, dear friends….Here is my sermon from January 9, 2022, in which I talk about learning to witness to our inner emotional landscape, and the profound gifts it offers to us, in experiencing our own wholeness and our ability to …

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Shelter in Place: A Talk by Penny

By PennyGill / November 24, 2021


Winter is upon us, and it is time to follow the lead of bears and birds and trees. It is time to rest, to give yourself deep care. Here is a talk I gave recently, on how to give …

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By PennyGill / June 22, 2021

Bloom where you are planted!

Happy Solstice!

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Is It Time To Withdraw? Post Pandemic Clearing Out

By PennyGill / June 3, 2021

Our long difficult year of pandemic isolation seems to be drawing to a close. I’ve been led to look hard, and hopefully kindly, on all I’ve learned. What and whom do I wish to hold close to the center of …

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The Medicine We Need is Respect Guest Post by Paula Green

By PennyGill / February 21, 2021

Paula Green, long time trainer and teacher of conflict transformation, responds here in an Op-Ed exchange with a conservative reader of the Hampshire Gazette, about the deep polarization in the US between Democrats and Republicans. Read on, for a sane …

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Stories. Story.

By PennyGill / February 5, 2021

Our weekly Circle of Island women has been sharing stories of our favorite winter activities, when we were kids.  We laughed so hard imagining each other ice skating, sledding out of a second story window, building snow forts, and hurling …

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The Gift of Cave Days

By PennyGill / December 2, 2020

Are you bone weary and overwhelmed by your days of obligations and responsibilities and chores? Do you wonder if you can get through the long, dark winter, while supporting those you love and care for? Are you just plain running …

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A Time to Grieve and a Time to Plant

By PennyGill / November 15, 2020

Penny’s sermon this morning responds to these very fraught times in the country, A Time to Grieve and a Time to Plant.

In your comment, it would be wonderful if you would please include which seed you plan to plant …

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Find the Calm: Advice from Manjushri

By PennyGill / October 23, 2020

In these frightening and turbulent times, there are powerful ways to stay awake and stay calm. Read on!

I woke in a pool of sadness and distress this morning, lonely and discouraged and without energy for any task. Underneath that

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