The Radiant Heart of the Cosmos Book Launch


I am thrilled to announce that my new book, The Radiant Heart of the Cosmos: Compassion Teachings for Our Time, has arrived. It is part memoir, in which I tell some stories of my own spiritual journey these last years, and partly a collection of teachings from myself and my guides, Manjushri and Kwan Yin.

Please join me in conversation with friend and Green Fire Press publisher Jennifer Browdy, at our zoom launch Sunday, May 22, 2022, at 2PM CST. 


**This event is past: Please watch the recording here:

We live in a time of great tumult and suffering, and we all know, our communities and our world need deep healing, not more blame and arrogance, greed and violence. But we must heal ourselves of our own suffering before we can offer much to others.

We each must stop, listen within for the voices of fear and longing, and begin there. Our destination is the deep layers within, where old fears lie and fester. Even though they may be quite invisible, long forgotten, and long denied, they shape every aspect of our lives: who we are, how we relate, and how we even see the world around us. Those hidden fears, buried in the Shadows of the unconscious, create what we believe is “the real world.” It isn’t, of course, for it is a world fashioned by illusions and projections.  It is not a world where we might flourish.

My hope is that readers might find themselves encouraged to take the first strong steps of healing their own bruised hearts and then be able to live with more ease and kindness for themselves and others. There are stories galore, and many suggestions for wrestling with our own deep fears, some so ancient they have escaped memory.

Book Launch Event

Green Fire Press is delighted to host a virtual book launch for The Radiant Heart of the Cosmos:

Compassion Teachings for Our Time, on May 22 at 2pm Central. 

Register at this link below to automatically receive the Zoom link and reminders.

The session will be recorded for later viewing if you can’t make it live.

Where to Buy

Find it at your local book store or online. The ebook version is only available via Amazon.


4 thoughts on “The Radiant Heart of the Cosmos Book Launch

  1. Dearest Penny,

    Your book launch sounds so wonderful. I wish I could be there but it is my granddaughter’s birthday that day and the party starts at – you guessed it – 2:00PM. Will it be recorded? I hope so as then I can watch it later. So happy for you and your wonderful book!!!

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