Good News from Penny

Dear friends…I have wonderful news about my two books. Please forgive me if I shout a bit, as I am so excited!

First, my recent book, The Radiant Heart of the Cosmos: Compassion Teachings for Our Time, Green Fire Press, 2022, has just been awarded a major prize by Nautilus Book Awards, in the category of Rise to the Moment.

Nautilus Book Awards receives newly published books from the US and now twelve other countries to review and judge books to “improve our world”. Their mission is to celebrate and honor books that support conscious living and green values, wellness, positive social change and social justice, and spiritual growth. I am deeply honored.

To add to my delight, my first book, What in the World is Going On? Wisdom Teachings for Our Time, has now been published in a second edition by Green Fire Press, with a new preface, a new forward, and a gorgeous new cover.

Both are available on Amazon,, and of course, your local bookshop.

For more information, please check my web site

And a heads up, later I intend to use a new platform, addition to Facebook. Substack is far superior to our usual system of posting my blogs, and much more user friendly, both for me and for my readers. More later!

With all good wishes to each of you!


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